Viadalvian  War
West And East

The Map Of the Curent Situation

Date 11 June - Ongoing
Location Viadalvia Avile
Result Viadalvian Victory

Viadalvian Reich Klausburg
Avillian flag Avilian Nazis

Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic Fedral Republic Of Viadalvia
Westland Fedration Of Westland
Avilian Democratic republic flag Avilian Democratic Republic
West Avilian Flag Caverd Federation Of Avile

Commanders and leaders

Viadalvian ReichDavey Visser

Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic  Shady Morsi

Avilian Democratic republic flag Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic  Timo Vink

Viadalvian Reich 10 Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic  6
Casualties and losses

The Viadalvian War Or West Viadalvian Invasion Of East Is A Ongoing War Between Nationalist Republic Of Viadalvia (West Viadalvia) And Fedral Republic Of Viadalvia (East Viadalvia)


After the Salarian civil war The NRA Have moves to Ijykea But The Viadalivan Government Will Not That West Viadalvia Have A Part Of East West Have declared war There Is all 1 battle Fought That Is undecided But on 10 august westland suport us and avile suport the nationalsocialist On 16 August Avile Was Invaided By Westlandic - Viadalvian Forses AAnd Westland And Viadalvia Divide Avile In 2 nations Caverd Federation Of Avile (West Avile) And The Avilian Democratic Republic (East Avile)

Timeline Edit

  • 11 June West Ijyeka Have Declare Independence
  • 11 June 1st Ordensife Started Undicided
  • 10 August The Viadalvian Peoples State Declares The War On Avile
  • 16 August Avile Surenders And Become 2 Nations