Viadalvian Republic of Thirn----
Thirn Flag


Motto: Fight Togetter----
Capital Thirn
Largest city Thirn
Official language(s) English Viadalvian
Demonym Thirneese
Government Militarist Right Wing Republic
Generalissimus Timo Vink
Premier Kevin Vanhaar
Legislature National Peoples Assembly
Type Unicameral
Established 30 October 2013
Population 5
Currency Thirn Pond

Thirn fully named Viadalvian Republic of Thirn is a constituent nation of Viadalvia. Thirn is bordered by United Kingdom in the north west and east and Dolmenian Republic of  Karvenland in the South  Its a Single Party state ruled under the Thirneese Peoples Front


Pre Viadalvian History Edit

It was Part of the Anicent Parish of A prehistoric feature in the Thornton Watlass area is Gospel Hill tumulus, a Monument,at grid  about 1 km northwest of the village.

Saxon remains of two cross-heads[5] are evidence that people lived in the area before the Norman conquest in 1066. They are on display in Thornton Watlass Church.

The Domesday book of 1086 mentions the separate villages of Thornton and Watlass.[6] Before the Norman conquest the Saxon owners of these villages were Ulward and Stan; however, Thornton is shown in the Domesday book as being owned by Ribald, brother of Alan Earl of Richmond. Thornton Watlass Hall and estate has been owned by the Dodsworth family since 1415.

The Anglican Church of St Mary the Virgin stands a little way outside the village to the southwest. It was rebuilt, with the exception of the tower, in 1868 in the Perpendicular style.[7] The tower contains some living accommodation (including toilet) and was probably used as a place of safety in times of  There is a former Wesleyan Chapel and a former Public House (The Boot & Shoe) 

Viadalvian HistoryEdit

Shady Morsi And Timo vink Wants a bigger colony but ther found a puppet state Shady looks at many parishes but says and wants a new inderpendent state the Colonists declared inderpendent but Its rulled by Viadalvians The Viadalvian Republic of Thirn is born