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Second Dalton-Dradelia War (Viadalvian name)

The Seasonal Engagement (Daltonese Name)

The supporters' fued (Dradelian Name)


Daltonese Propaganda Left and Dradelian Propaganda Right

Date 16 December 2013 -present
Location Europe
  • Ongoing

Daltoneese Reich Dalton

Anham empire Arnham 

Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic  Viadalvia

Drandellian flag Dradelia

Klausburg Klausburg


Daltoneese Reich  Matt Read

Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic  Shady Morsi

Anham empire  Sam Bakker

Anham empire Wessel De Wekker

Drandellian flag Martin Small

Drandellian flag  Cynthia Bekker

Drandellian flag Davey Visser

Drandellian flag Youri Mulder


Daltoneese Reich   8


Drandellian flag  5

Casualties and losses

[1] 1 Daltonese Injury

Battle of Force

Battle of Tripe

Battle of Asraf

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