he Federal Republic of Viadalvia is an new micronation claiming the former territory of Salaria commonly. Viadalvia is located in the Netherlands.

Fedral Republic of Viadalvia----


Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic


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Capital city Alkendar
Largest city North Point
Official language(s) Dutch
Official religion(s) Selcuar
Short name Viadalvia
Demonym Viadalvian
Government Fedral Republic
- President Shady Morsi
- Prime Minister Timo Vink
Legislature Parliament
- Type - parliament
- Number of seats - 4
Established 21 July 2013
Area claimed 250 m2
Population 30
Currency Viadalvian Coin
National sport Football


 [hide*1 History


Salaria was collapsed by rebels and the government then founded a new country on former Salarian territory.


Talks on the formation of a Federation were held by Shady Morsi [Traford] and Timo Vink [Ijeyka] soon after the dissolution of the Confederation Hoogwaard of which Traford, Ijyka, Hadjaz And West Point were formerly members. It was decided that the culture of the federation should be based around the west Europian cultures of Europe, of which both Morsi and Vink were admirers. Soon after Viadalvia was announced, West point and East Point stated their intentions to join. The Federation was formed on 21 July 2013, after the Salarian Peoples Republic Collapse became the last of the legislatures of the four aspiring member States to approve the constitution. Shady Morsi was elected the first President of the federation soon after. On 23:11 Dolmenia Joins The Republic Of Viadalvia Rijpak Terrotory Hs Become A New Republic The Republic Of Marine Islands

[4][5]Rijpak Terrotory[6][7]Nathaniel City==[edit]Government==

The Federal Republic Or Viadalvia is governed as a republic. The system for governing the Federal Republic is outlined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic Of Viadalvia

The President is the Head of State, and appoints a large majority of government officials. The Prime Minister, appointed by the President, is the Head of Government. Both the President and Prime Minister serve for a term of four Years The Council of Ministers is the executive body of the Federation, and its members are appointed by the President The Prime Minister Lead The Governement Political parties Are The

  • Trafort Fraction
  • Ijeykan Party
  • Monachist Party
  • Hajaz Moevment

[edit]Forgin RealationsEdit

  • Doberman Island Republic
  • Porto Viva
  • Federation of Westland
  • Terra Libertatis
  • Sniland
  • Most glorious Nation of the United Dray Emirates
  • Emmerea
  • Walston
  • Rebublic of Holulia
  • Sombourg
  • Saksonia
  • Monovish Imperuim
  • Dolmenia
  • Stykria
  • Republic of Indokistan
  • Fedration Of Dyer Island
  • Slin (Informal friendship)
  • Socialist Republic of Chekovskaya
  • Cuplandic Empire
States of The Republic Of Viadalvia
Flag Republic's Conventional Long Name Republic's Conventional Short Name Date of establishment Anthem of the Republic Capital Governor
1 [8] Republic Of Trafford Trafford 21 July 2013 Alkendar Shady Morsi
2 [9] Democratic Republic Of Iyjeka. Iyjeka 21 June 2013 Cattowtown Timo Vink
3 [10] Kingdom Of West Point West Point 21 June 2013 West Point Vacant
4 [11] Republic Of Hajaz Hajaz 21 July 2013 Karom Stein Dros
5 [12] Republic of Spanjaz Spanjaz 21 July 2013 North Point Walter Spangas
5 [13] Dukedom Of Dolmenia Dolmenia Joined 21 July 2013 Stonefield Guy Van Volen
6 [14] Republic Of Maine Islands Maine Islands 25 July 2013 Chief Island Vacant