Akebar-Ralph War

(1st Civil war)

Date 2013
Location Dradelian Akebar
Result Dradelian Victory
Flag of Akebar Dradelian Akebar Flag of Akebar Ralphs Private Army
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Akebar The Leaders

Akebar-Shady war
Dradelian Akebar War

the 2nd Civil war Orange = area hold by Shady Morsi Green = Coalition of warloards Territory Grey = Territory hold by the govenor

Date 2013
Location Dradelian Akebar

Coalition of warloards  Victory 




Flag of Akebar Coalition of Warlords

Flag of Akebar Ralphs Private Army

Flag of Akebar Concil of Brothers

Flag of Akebar Dradelian Akebar 

Flag of Akebar Govenor of Akebar

Flag of Akebar Vice Govenor of Akebar

Akebar Republic of Akebar

Commanders and leaders

Davey Visser

Romeen Uljee

Flag of Akebar /Akebar Shady Morsi

Casualties and losses
3th Dradelian Civil war
[1]map of the risingAdded by Shady Restatapo
Part Of The Dyer Wars
Location Dyer Island

Fall of the  Dradelian Republic of Akebar


Flag of Akebar Dradelian Akebar 

 Akebar  AIA

Flag of Akebar West Akebarian Holdouts

Commanders and leaders

The Leaders

Flag of Akebar 


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