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Daltoneese-Arnhameese Conflict 

Dahsẅpilnüdewerede-Ahẅnuåhi kopilnufraser'ko (Daltoneese)

Arjhamian-Dajherskuru Konphlict (Arnameese)

Date 2013
Location Europe
  • Status Quto

 Anham empire Arnameese Empire

Dolmenian Flag Dolmenian Republic

Daltoneese Reich Daltoneese Empire

Arnameese Imperial Standard Sam Bakker I

Anham empire Wessel De Wekker

Anham empire Youri Van Swuite

Dolmenian Flag Guy Van Volen

Daltoneese Reich Michail I

Daltoneese Reich Matt Read


Anham empire 45

Dolmenian Flag 50

Daltoneese Reich  67
Casualties and losses

The Cainian War, also known as the Smallian War was 

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