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Adjistani War
Date 2014
Location Adjistan
  • Invasion and occupation of Adjistan
  • Defeat of the Islamic Brotherhood
  • Adjistan Monachry restored
Invasion phase 

Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic Derskov-Viadalvia

  • Thirn Flag Union Armed Forces

Adjistani Kingdom

Territory of Balistan (Until july 2014)

Invasion phase 

Thrin Republic of Adjistan

  • Thrin Adjistani Armed Forces


Flag Of The Viadalvian Republic Adjistani Kingdom 

  • Thirn Flag Union Armed Forces

Alliance to Liberate Adjistan

Royal Gerdamie

Adjistani Armed Forces


  • Thrin Adjistani Islamic Councill
  • Thrin Loyalist Adjistani Armed Forces

Commanders and leaders

Sherien Morzi

Invasion forces(2003–2004)


Coalition forces (2004–2009) 176,000 at peak United States Forces – Iraq(2010–2011) 112,000 at activation Security contractors 6,000–7,000 (estimate)[6] Iraqi security forces 805,269 (military and paramilitary: 578,269,[7] police: 227,000) Awakening militias ~103,000 (2008)[8] Iraqi Kurdistan ~400,000 (Kurdish Border Guard: 30,000,[9] Peshmerga 375,000)

Casualties and losses
Iraqi Security Forces (post-Saddam)

Killed: 17,690[13] Wounded: 40,000+[14] Coalition forces Killed: 4,805[15][16] (4,487 US,[17]179 UK,[18] 139 other) Missing/captured (US): 8 (all rescued)[19] Wounded: 32,753+ (32,226 US,[20]315 UK, 212+ other[21])[22][23][24][25]Injured/diseased/other medical*: 51,139 (47,541 US,[26]3,598 UK)[22][24][25] Contractors Killed: 1,554[27][28] Wounded & injured: 43,880[27][28] Awakening Councils Killed: 1,002+[29] Wounded: 500+ (2007),[30] 828 (2008)[31] Total dead: 25,286 Total wounded: 117,961

Iraqi combatant dead(invasion period): 7,600–10,800[32][33]

Insurgents (post-Saddam) Killed: 26,544 (2003-2011)[34] Detainees: 12,000 (Iraqi-held)[35] Total dead: 34,144–37,344

Estimated violent deaths:

Lancet survey (March 2003 – July 2006): 601,027 (95% CI: 426,369–793,663)[36][37] Iraq Family Health Survey (March 2003 – July 2006): 151,000(95% CI: 104,000–223,000)[38] Documented deaths from violence: Iraq Body Count (2003 – 14 December 2011): 103,160–113,728civilian deaths recorded,[39] and 12,438 new deaths added from the Iraq War Logs[40] Associated Press (March 2003 – April 2009): 110,600[41]

For more information see: Casualties of the Iraq War

* "injured, diseased, or other medical": required medical air transport. UK number includes "aeromed evacuations"

'**'Total deaths include all additional deaths due to increased lawlessness, degraded infrastructure, poorer healthcare, etc.

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